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The Benefits of Having a Baby Stroller

by ANB Baby Sales 30 Dec 2021

Person - The Benefits of Having a Baby Stroller

Besides a car seat, a baby stroller is one of the most useful purchases you will make when you have a baby. Whether you want to travel with your baby, ride on the subway or even just get out walking; there are so many advantages to having a stroller.

Here are the top 5 benefits of having a baby stroller:

1. Baby strollers are lightweight

Lifting a heavy bassinet or travel system in and out of your car is exhausting and difficult, not to mention all the trunk space it can take up. One of the main advantages of most baby strollers is they are lightweight. This means you'll be able to easily carry it up the stairs, lift it into your trunk or just maneuver it around the grocery store. Not just this, but the chances are that at some time (or all the time!) you are going to be carrying your baby in one arm, along with your diaper bag, all while pushing your stroller. A lightweight stroller will be the best investment ever in these moments.

2. Baby strollers fold up small

Another great advantage of strollers is they tend to fold up compactly. Many can also be folded up using just one hand, which is perfect when you're holding your baby or toddler with the other hand. A stroller that folds up neatly is useful when you don't have a lot of storage in your house or apartment, your trunk is small or if you travel a lot.

3. Baby strollers can be used from birth

You wouldn't be alone if you thought a newborn needed to ride in a bassinet. The truth is though, many strollers lay flat and are suitable for use from birth. The big benefit here is you don't need to buy a bassinet at all, which can be big and heavy (and expensive). Not only fantastic for new born babies, strollers can also be very handy if your other young child needs to jump in if they become tired.

4. Baby strollers have all the useful features

Baby strollers have so many useful features and accessories to make life easier for you and safer for your baby. Features such large SPF hoods and covers mean you don't need to buy a separate sun shade for your stroller, which is one less thing to carry and think about. Large baskets underneath mean you don't need to haul everything around yourself, and we all know how much gear a baby and toddler needs. Many strollers will have adjustable seats for napping on the go, and five-point safety harnesses and shock absorbing wheels which give the best and safest ride for your baby or toddler. These are only some of the useful features they can have, for a more in-depth look at stoller features, check out or article Best Baby Strollers 2021: What Baby Stroller to Buy.

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5. Strollers for you and your baby’s well-being

There are many benefits of walking - for you and your baby. It’s a great, gentle way to exercise after having a baby, and many parents cite better and longer sleep from their baby when they're being pushed in the stroller. Having an easy-to-use baby stroller is going to help you get out, make memories for you and your baby, and feel good. The thought of lugging something heavy and awkward around is enough to put any parent off getting out. Walking in the fresh air, with your baby cozy and safe in their stroller, looking around and taking in all the sights, will do wonders for everyone’s mood and well-being.

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Best Baby Strollers 2021: What Baby Stroller to Buy

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