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The Best Baby Christmas Gifts

by ANB Baby Sales 21 Dec 2021

Clothing - The Best Baby Christmas Gifts

Buying gifts for adults is hard enough, but shopping for babies is even more challenging as they can't exactly tell you what they want or even drop a hint. With Christmas right around the corner, we thought we'd help you out with some baby Christmas gift ideas that are bound to either bring a smile on their face or provide parents with essential items that they can get great use out of.


Toys are appropriate gifts for babies and toddlers. Toys come in a range of age groups, textures, sizes and designs to make playtime more fun and safe. If you're buying for a baby who is currently teething, the Manhattan Toy Atom Teether is a brightly colored teething toy that is soft and ideal for soothing irritated gums and calming babies. If the baby is a newborn, a soft plush toy such as the Manhattan Toy Aviator Bear is an ideal option as it is extremely huggable and provides a sense of comfort to the baby.

Music Boxes

Music boxes are ideal for lulling babies to sleep in their crib as they play soft tunes that calm children so they can fall asleep faster. If you're looking to gift a music box, we recommend the Little Big Friends Emma the Cow Soft Music Box that is aesthetically pleasing and plays gentle tunes that can bring joy to babies.


As winter is here, will you recommend giving a gift that can be used during the festive season and nothing could be more comfortable than the Mary Meyer Putty Nursery Character Blanket that is fun to snuggle with as it also comes with a soft plush toy sewn into the blanket.


If you're looking for an adventurous gift, tricycles and bicycles are excellent for outdoor exploring, and they can improve coordination and motor skills. For babies under the age of one, we recommend the DOONA Liki Trike S3 Compact Foldable Tricycle that is compact and sleek while also being equipped with multi-positioning seating with a dual steering system for the ease and convenience of both the baby and their parent.


Toddlers are also excited to explore their surroundings, and as they are also actively working on improving their coordination skills, a bicycle makes a great gift. If the baby you're shopping for is slightly older, you can opt for a Mima Zoom Balance Bike that is suitable for toddlers looking to explore their neighborhood. The bike is lightweight and comes with easy-to-grip handlebars with adjustable seating that makes it perfect for babies learning how to perfect their balance.


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