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How to Keep Your Baby Warm in the Stroller During Winter

by ANB Baby Sales 16 Dec 2021

Clothing - How to Keep Your Baby Warm in the Stroller During Winter

Falling temperatures don’t mean you and your baby have to stay indoors. In fact, in Denmark and other Scandinavian countries, it is common for babies to nap outside even when temperatures are less than 16 degrees Fahrenheit. Some sleep experts even report that outdoor sleeping leads to better and longer sleep. If reading about the chance of your baby sleeping longer has got you reaching for your jacket, then we’ve listed the top ways on how to keep your baby warm in their stroller in winter.

Layering is key: Dress your baby for the stroller in winter

If you're heading out for a winter stroll it’s important to dress your baby accordingly. We know you know already that layers of clothes, particularly ones made from natural materials, are going to keep your baby warm. Clothing with cuffs on the arms and legs will keep out draughts and a hat and gloves will also keep your little one warm. Remember that hats should not be worn inside as there is a risk of overheating. Snowsuits are perfect for babies and toddlers in the stroller in winter too, although they should not be worn in car seats, and once you're indoors, remember to remove them or undo them. Again, this is because there is a risk of overheating, particularly for small babies.

From car seat to stroller: Use a baby sleeping bag that goes straight from the car to the stroller in winter

Winter stroller gear, such as the 7AM Enfant Nido, is perfect for those times when you need to move your baby from the car seat to the stroller whilst keeping them warm (and hopefully not disturbing their sleep with a sharp temperature change). The Nido has been designed with The Car Seat Lady (a group dedicated to keeping kids safe in cars). It is compatible with any bassinet, stroller or car seat. It has many useful features including an oval back cutout which eliminates material between your baby’s back and harness. The three direction wrap means you can easily get your baby in and out of the cover too. The Nido is also super-warm and is suitable for use in temperatures as low as 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Similar to the Nido is the 212 Evolution Cover from 7AM. It offers the same warmth as the Nido, but it also expands in length, with its 2 length extensions and in width with its 2 position center zippers, making it ideal as a car seat cover or a stroller cover.

Keep the wind and rain off your stroller in winter: Use a universal stroller cover

Using a universal stroller cover in winter, like the Valco Baby Rain Cover, is a good idea. It will keep wind, rain and snow off your little one, whilst still letting them see the world as they get pushed along; perfect for inquisitive babies and toddlers. This stroller winter cover should fit most three wheel strollers and four wheel ones too.

For cozy rides (and toes): Use a footmuff

On those winter strolls when it’s icy out, a footmuff will be a welcome addition for your baby in the stroller. Look out for features such as full length zippers that make it super easy to get your baby in and out of the footmuff, and being washable is a must when being used by a toddler - think muddy boots and snacks! Many also feature removable blankets which are perfect for season and weather changes. The Doona Footmuff is designed to fit most strollers, and includes a luxurious lined blanket that can be removed. Keep a lookout for footmuffs / stroller blankets that feature zips right up to and around your baby's face as well, like the Stokke Xplory X Footmuff, these provide added warmth and protection against the elements.

Be prepared: Carry extra blankets and hats

We know what babies and toddlers are like; spit ups, food spillages and nappy explosions are a daily occurrence. Be prepared for these on winter strolls and carry extra clothes, blankets and hats just in case. A blanket such as the STOKKE or the Tuwi will help keep babies warm in winter and cool in summer, and they pack up small enough to fit in a diaper bag or can be kept under the stroller.

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