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The Best Baby Toys of 2021

by ANB Baby 13 Oct 2021

Person - The Best Baby Toys of 2021

While newborns usually spend most of their days sleeping, eating, and being extremely cozy, this stage only lasts for a short period. Eventually, they'll start interacting with you and objects in their surrounding areas, which is why it is important to think about what baby toys you want your child to play with. Babies require different toys at different stages of their growth, and we are sharing our list of toys that your baby will enjoy.

Teething Toys

Usually, babies start teething a few months after they are born, and the discomfort often results in a crying and irritated baby. Teething toys can help babies relieve their sore gums and tooth pain while providing them a safe and much-needed distraction to bite down on. There are different types of baby teething toys available that can alleviate sore gums.

The HABA Clutching Toy Caterpillar is a great silicone option for babies to clutch and chew on. If you're looking for something with sound, consider the Sophie La Girafe Natural Rubber Teething Toy, which is made of flexible rubber and comes with a built-in squeaker for your baby's enjoyment.


Plush Toys

Newborn babies love being swaddled, so they are comfy and cozy, but as they grow up, they look for other sources of comfort, which is why you might want to invest in some plush toys for your baby. Apart from cuddling their plush toys, babies can also use them to develop social skills and attachments through pretend play, and there are some great options available in the market.

GUND has a range of soft toys, including teddy bears, animals, cartoon characters, and even magical creatures, each with different features such as sound, which can keep babies entertained during playtime. 

Bath Toys

Bath time can lose its charm if it becomes part of a routine; even if warm water and bubbles make bath time an enjoyable experience for babies, there is no reason they can't have more fun by playing with bath toys. A rubber ducky, the quintessential bath toy--maybe, but there is a range of bath toys available that can entertain toddlers, depending on the experience you want your child to have.

Elegant Baby's Sea Party Set can be an enjoyable choice for toddlers as they come with toys that float and squirt water. The HABA Bathing Bliss Water Wonders Bath Toys are a fantastic option for slightly older kids as it allows them to pour water and see what happens.

Educational Toys

Introducing toys to your child can help them develop motor skills and teach them some basics about the world we live in. There are a variety of toys available which can help improve language, communication, coordination while also being extremely enjoyable for babies. Before selecting educational toys, check the age recommendations to ensure the toy is safe for your baby.

It can also be beneficial to introduce your baby to more technical toys like the LEGO Duplo Alphabet Truck which provides hours of educational fun by introducing them to alphabets and enhancing their motor skills.

The Best Baby Toys of 2021

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