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Your Guide to Buying Baby Toys

by Norbert Shtaynberg 24 Mar 2019
Baby toys play great role in keeping your baby busy with them, so you can easily do your house chores. Baby Einstein Toys Company is one of the most renowned companies when it comes to baby toys. Though they have various advantages, so have disadvantages too. In the following lines, you will be able to judge it yourself whether it is one of the good baby toys or not.


- They most important thing I like about this toy is its soothing music.

- It has various sounds built in, that's why this toy keep baby busy in it.

- Another great thing is, it provides option to change language, and this quality of being bilingual toy is really amazing. Its helps me too, the reason is in my home I have bilingual home mates as well.

- The size of the toy is just perfect, so my son can move around with it in his hand.


- Its speaker is installed on the bottom, and it creates problem in hearing it, if it is put on any surface or on my baby's blanket.

- I wish it had more than 5 musical keys.

My 11 month old loves high stimulus, so he seems to get fed up with his baby toys quickly and does not think much of other toys that do not DO something. However, this Einstein baby piano has enough things going on, and so far it has been a lot to keep him entertained as compared to any other baby toy.

Chiefly, the thing I like is its very well composed design. The"Composer" function does not merely play sole song in a matter of seconds, loudly, and repeatedly as most of the piano toys with some sort of "demo" function do. When my boy hits a key, it plays just one expression. The next time a button is pushed gets another musical expression. It is pleasant to hear to, you are not left with one small tune running through your mind and there are 7 different melodies. To cut the long story short, it more seems like someone placed some ideas into what would make the Einstein toy interesting and fun to play with. It does not feel like it has been dumbed down on the best guess that parent do not care and infants do not know the variation.

So, in the end to conclude the idea, I would say, I recommend it. So, just go and buy your baby one.

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