BUGABOO Bee Handlebar Foam Replacement Set - BLACK
Description:   This item contains a right and a left part foam for the handlebar for bugaboo bee. This items doesn't contain the handle bar itself, which can be purchased separately.   Compatibility Bugaboo Bee (2010 model) Bugaboo Bee 3...
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BUGABOO Bee Sun Canopy Wires Set
This item contains two sun canopy wires to assemble the sun canopy for bugaboo bee 3 and also compatible with bugaboo bee (2010 model). Compatibility Bugaboo Bee5 Bugaboo Bee3 Bugaboo Bee (2010 model) Bugaboo model # 590410
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BUGABOO Bee (2010 Model) Seat Fabric - BLACK
Description: This item contains a seat fabric for bugaboo bee (2010 model) excluding the harness and crotch strap. The Bee5 is the most comfortable and stylish compact stroller. This is the seat fabric only, pick your favorite color and customize...
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Explore all parts compatible with your Bugaboo Bee Stroller. Shop Bugaboo Bee baby cocoon light, bassinet base, brake cover, seat hardware, bassinet adapters, wheels, sun canopy clamps set, handlebar foam, sun canopy wires set and many other parts and accessories are available.
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