Bugaboo Stardust Play Yard - Black
$339.00 from $254.25
Bugaboo Stardust Play Yard - Black
Sleeping is an essential part of your child’s development. That's why Bugaboo created the Bugaboo Stardust Play Yard that can make naptime easier and more fun, for you and your baby. Bugaboo Stardust combines unique aerospace technology and smart design...
$339.00 from $254.25
Bugaboo Turtle Air Recline Base by Nuna
The Bugaboo Turtle Air by Nuna recline base offers top security for your baby and easy installation in your car. With four different recline positions, it will also ensure comfort for your baby as they grow. The Bugaboo Turtle Air...
Bugaboo Stardust Cotton Sheet, Mineral White
Complete your Bugaboo Stardust play yard with the Bugaboo Stardust fitted cotton sheet. Made with soft, breathable, Oeko-Tex ® certified materials and specially designed for a perfect fit with your Bugaboo Stardust—your child will always sleep safely and peacefully. Bugaboo...

Bugaboo Car Seats & Playard

From the very first ride home from the hospital to endless times of sleep and play with the Bugaboo Turtle Car Seats and Bugaboo Stardust Play Yard. Shop the latest Bugaboo infant car seat and playard online at ANB Baby.

Designed in collaboration with premium car seat brand Nuna, the Bugaboo Turtle Air Car Seat and Bugaboo Turtle One Car Seat by Nuna offers the ultimate comfort for your baby. Both car seats are lightweight and provide an easy click-in system so you can effortlessly attach your car seat to your Bugaboo Ant, Bee, Donkey, Fox, Lynx and Cameleon 3 stroller.

When it’s play or sleep time, the Bugaboo Stardust Play Yard will become your little one’s favourite place. This baby play yard combines unique aerospace technology and smart design to offer you an all-in-one, ultra-comfortable playard that you can use at home or on the go.

Discover our wide range of Bugaboo products. Shop the entire Bugaboo Collection here.

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