VIDIAMO Limo Stroller and Accessories

Vidiamo is a France based company, they created amazing and innovative child products. Limo stroller is the best example of their creative work, this game changer stroller comes with a cleverly hidden foldaway seat under the main seat of the Limo stroller that allows you to go from single to double in just one click. There is no need for an extra accessory or seat. The limo stroller has 10 configurations, you can use it simply as a single stroller, double stroller, with carrycot or even with a car seat. You can buy other Vidiamo Limo accessories including cup holder, car seat adapters, carry cot, scooter holder and limo tote bag with Free shipping at ANB Baby.

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VIDIAMO Limo Stroller with Tote Bag, Scooter Holder | ANB Baby
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