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When Is The Best Time For Baby Walker

by ANB Baby 13 Oct 2021
When Is The Best Time For Baby Walker

When Is The Best Time For a Baby Walker

As a parent nothing makes you more proud than to see your baby grow and learn new skills. From your baby’s first smile to their first time crawling. All these major milestones are wonderful signs of your little one’s development and path of discovery and freedom. As your baby continues to grow, the next major milestone you’re probably keen to see is your baby taking their very first steps.

At this stage of your baby’s life, a baby walker can be a great tool and device to help your little one on that path. Although you might be wondering “When can my baby start using a baby walker?.

In this guide we are discussing the things to take into consideration and some of the signs that show your baby is ready to start using a baby walker.

What Are Baby Walkers?

Baby walkers are devices designed to give babies mobility while they're learning to walk. They are designed to provide additional stability, which allows them to maneuver and get around the house. Even though baby walkers encourage mobility, it’s important for parents to understand that the developmental pace of every child is different. Some babies start walker around 9 months and some after 12 months. Your baby will start walking on their own when they are ready.

How To Safely Use Baby Walkers?

When using a baby walker, always make sure you remove (sharp) objects, stumbling blocks or anything else that might cause injuries. It’s important to never allow your child to use a baby walker unattended. Always make sure you’re within arms reach so that you can guide your little one and prevent any injuries from taking place.

Some studies show that using a baby walker might cause babies to reach their walking milestone later than others who don’t. This is usually the case when babies do not spend enough time on the floor crawling and exploring. A baby walker should not replace a child’s natural process of development - Allow your baby to spent enough time to play, roll and crawl around. Essentially, don’t allow your little one to sit in their baby walker for hours. 10 to 15 minutes a day (or every other day) should be a good amount of time.

When Is the Best Time?

  • Head stability: Your baby should have full control of their head and be able to hold his or her head up without any additional support.Babies usually start holding their head up by 6 months - which is when they gain enough strength in their neck and upper body and are able to sit up with minimal or any support.
  • Age: The recommended age is 6 to 8 months before your baby starts using their walker.
  • Mobility: Your baby should have some level of mobility developed already. For example, your little one should be a good crawler and able to get around or have the ability to stand in their crib or on their own.
  • Positioning: When using a seated baby walker it’s important that your baby’s feet are able to touch the floor. If your baby’s feet are hanging while sitting in their baby walker it might not be time for them to use this yet.
  • Curiosity: It’s important for your little one to have developed some level of curiosity and the need to explore and perceive things around them.

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